1. Axles
2. Pillars
3. Spindles
4. Rods
5. Pivots
6. Columns
7. Props
8. Supports
9. Beams
10. Posts
11. Arms
12. Stems
13. Poles
14. Studs
15. Struts
16. Stakes
17. Arbors
18. Bases
19. Spars
20. Stanchions
21. Balusters
22. Stiles
23. Lances
24. Girders
25. Stalks
26. Pipes
27. Masts
28. Runners
29. Spokes
30. Jibs

When searching for alternative words for the term «shafts», there are a variety of words that can be used to effectively communicate the same concept. Synonyms such as axles, pillars, spindles, rods, pivots, columns, props, supports, beams, posts, arms, stems, poles, studs, struts, stakes, arbors, bases, spars, stanchions, balusters, stiles, lances, girders, stalks, pipes, masts, runners, spokes, and jibs all offer the best ideas for alternative words for «shafts». With such a wide variety of words to choose from, it is easy to find the perfect word to accurately convey the intended message.