Synonyms for SEXUAL:

1. Intimate
2. Carnal
3. Sensual
4. Passionate
5. Amorous
6. Coital
7. Voluptuous
8. Erotic
9. Romantic
10. Aphrodisiac
11. Physical
12. Prurient
13. Salacious
14. Libidinous
15. Bawdy
16. Lewd
17. Indecent
18. Lascivious
19. Concupiscent
20. Provocative
21. Vulgar
22. Risqué
23. Brazen
24. Libidinal
25. X-rated
26. Uninhibited
27. Bawdy
28. Carnal
29. Carnivorous
30. Fiery

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