1. Three score
2. Seventieth
3. LXX
4. Quinquaginta
5. Seventyfold
6. Septuagint
7. Heptad
8. Septenary
9. Seventieth
10. Seventy-one
11. Seventy-two
12. Seventy-three
13. Seventy-four
14. Seventy-five
15. Seventy-six
16. Seventy-seven
17. Seventy-eight
18. Seventy-nine
19. Seventy-ten
20. Seventy-eleven
21. Seventy-twelve
22. Seventy-thirteen
23. Seventy-fourteen
24. Seventy-fifteen
25. Seventy-sixteen
26. Seventy-seventeen
27. Seventy-eighteen
28. Seventy-nineteen
29. Seventy-twenty
30. Seventy-thirty

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