1. Scene
2. Scenery
3. Backdrop
4. Locale
5. Location
6. Environment
7. Surroundings
8. Background
9. Place
10. Context
11. Atmosphere
12. Scape
13. Terrain
14. Milieu
15. Topography
16. Landscape
17. Vistas
18. Prospect
19. Land
20. Region
21. Vicinity
22. Site
23. Area
24. Territory
25. Region
26. Situation
27. Position
28. Domain
29. Ground
30. Domain

When you’re looking for a word to describe the environment in which a story takes place, you can use one of the many synonyms for the word “setting”. Whether you’re looking for the best ideas or another word for “setting”, there are numerous alternatives to choose from. From scene and scenery to backdrop and locale, you can use any of these 30 synonyms to give your writing a unique and descriptive flair. Describing the setting of a story can help to create a vivid and immersive experience for readers, so it’s important to choose the right word to capture the essence of the environment. With a wide variety of synonyms for “setting”, you can easily find the perfect word to help set the tone for your story.