1. Succession
2. Chain
3. Sequence
4. Set
5. String
6. Array
7. Batch
8. Group
9. Cycle
10. Run
11. Trilogy
12. Quartet
13. Quintet
14. Sextet
15. Septet
16. Octet
17. Ennead
18. Decade
19. Suite
20. Course
21. Trilogy
22. Storyline
23. Saga
24. Continuum
25. Progression
26. Gradation
27. Lineup
28. Parade
29. Assortment
30. Collection

Searching for the best synonyms for the word “series”? You’ve come to the right place! Synonyms for “series” include succession, chain, sequence, set, string, array, batch, group, cycle, run, trilogy, quartet, quintet, sextet, septet, octet, ennead, decade, suite, course, storyline, saga, continuum, progression, gradation, lineup, parade, assortment, and collection. Each of these words is a great alternative to the word “series” and can help you express whatever idea you’re trying to get across. Whether you’re looking for a word to use in a speech, a paper, or a story, you’re sure to find the perfect synonym for “series” among these ideas!