1. Arranging
2. Ordering
3. Categorizing
4. Ranking
5. Structuring
6. Arranging in order
7. Grouping
8. Classifying
9. Organizing
10. Systematizing
11. Disposing
12. Tabulating
13. Sorting
14. Indexing
15. Graduating
16. Classing
17. Allocating
18. Ranging
19. Disposing in order
20. Scheduling
21. Distributing
22. Enumerating
23. Assorting
24. Compiling
25. Coding
26. Positioning
27. Prioritizing
28. Assigning
29. Listing
30. Cataloguing

When searching for ideas to complete a task, it is important to consider all of the possible synonyms for the words you are using. For instance, when looking for ways to sequence a task, some of the best ideas include arranging, ordering, categorizing, ranking, and structuring. Other words for sequencing could be grouping, classifying, organizing, systematizing, and disposing. It is important to consider all of the different ways in which you can sequence a task to ensure that the best possible solution is found.