1. Observing
2. Watching
3. Gazing
4. Viewing
5. Perceiving
6. Beholding
7. Discernment
8. Noticing
9. Espying
10. Discerning
11. Sighting
12. Visualizing
13. Examining
14. Surveying
15. Investigating
16. Scrutinizing
17. Inspecting
18. Perusing
19. Contemplating
20. Studying
21. Scoping
22. Heeding
23. Marking
24. Watching out for
25. Noting
26. Glancing
27. Peeping
28. Glimpsing
29. Surveying
30. Apprehending

If you are searching for synonyms for the word “seeing”, you have come to the right place. Here we have compiled a list of 30 of the best ideas for other words to use in place of “seeing”. These synonyms include observing, watching, gazing, viewing, perceiving, beholding, discernment, noticing, espying, discerning, sighting, visualizing, examining, surveying, investigating, scrutinizing, inspecting, perusing, contemplating, studying, scoping, heeding, marking, watching out for, noting, glancing, peeping, glimpsing, surveying, and apprehending. With this extensive list of synonyms for “seeing”, you can find the perfect word to fit your needs.