1. Dregs
2. Residue
3. Particulates
4. Deposits
5. Detritus
6. Alluvium
7. Granules
8. Remains
9. Rubble
10. Settling
11. Lees
12. Silt
13. Clastic
14. Accretion
15. Groundmass
16. Particles
17. Sludge
18. Sedimentation
19. Particulate Matter
20. Litter
21. Debris
22. Settled Matter
23. Coarse Grains
24. Accumulations
25. Fragments
26. Subsidence
27. Earth
28. Dross
29. Clays
30. Accrual

When it comes to finding synonyms for the word «sediments,» the best ideas are to look for words that describe the settling of particles, accumulations, or deposits. Other words for sediment include dregs, residue, particulates, detritus, alluvium, granules, remains, rubble, settling, lees, silt, clastic, accretion, groundmass, particles, sludge, sedimentation, particulate matter, litter, debris, settled matter, coarse grains, fragments, subsidence, earth, dross, clays, and accrual. All of these words can be used to describe the settling of particles or the accumulation of material in a particular area.