1. Concealed
2. Covered
3. Clandestine
4. Unknown
5. Obscure
6. Hidden
7. Cryptic
8. Mysterious
9. Unrevealed
10. Unsaid
11. Innermost
12. Privileged
13. Sequestered
14. Shrouded
15. Unacknowledged
16. Unpublicized
17. Arcane
18. Covert
19. Furtive
20. Inconspicuous
21. Obfuscated
22. Occult
23. Reticent
24. Retiring
25. Stealthy
26. Surreptitious
27. Unuttered
28. Unwhispered
29. Whispered
30. Disguised

When you are looking for another word for secret, there are many different options to choose from. Whether you are trying to find the best way to express a hidden thought or idea, or simply trying to find the right word to describe something that is not widely known, there are plenty of synonyms for secret that can help you. Some of the best ideas include concealed, covered, clandestine, unknown, obscure, hidden, cryptic, mysterious, unrevealed, and unsaid. Each of these words can help you express the concept of something that is not widely known or spoken about. Additionally, there are many other words for secret such as innermost, privileged, sequestered, shrouded, unacknowledged, unpublicized, arcane, covert, furtive, and inconspicuous. All of these words can be used to describe something that is kept hidden or not widely known.