1. Kelp
2. Algae
3. Wrack
4. Bladderwrack
5. Irish Moss
6. Laver
7. Wakame
8. Dulse
9. Nori
10. Kombu
11. Sargassum
12. Thallus
13. Sea Lettuce
14. Sea Moss
15. Sea Greens
16. Ocean Greens
17. Sea Vegetables
18. Ocean Vegetables
19. Seawrack
20. Eelgrass
21. Mermaid’s Hair
22. Sea Grapes
23. Sea Beans
24. Sea Pickles
25. Sea Spaghetti
26. Sea Palm
27. Sea Asparagus
28. Sea Cucumber
29. Sea Parsley
30. Sea Mustard

When looking for other words for seaweed, there are plenty of options to choose from. From kelp and algae to bladderwrack and Irish moss, there are so many varieties of seaweed to explore. Whether you’re looking for the best ideas to add to a dish or just want to broaden your vocabulary, these 30 synonyms for seaweed are a great place to start. From laver and wakame to sargassum and thallus, you’ll never run out of interesting and unique ways to refer to seaweed. With so many options to choose from, you’ll never be short of ideas for your next culinary adventure.