1. Exploring
2. Investigating
3. Probing
4. Venturing
5. Researching
6. Roving
7. Surveying
8. Inspecting
9. Examining
10. Reconnoitering
11. Scouting around
12. Prowling
13. Cruising
14. Cruising around
15. Snooping
16. Reconnoitring
17. Sizing up
18. Ranging
19. Rummaging
20. Detecting
21. Questing
22. Foraging
23. Reconnoitring
24. Sussing out
25. Prospecting
26. Rummaging around
27. Snooping around
28. Sizing up
29. Poking around
30. Prospecting around

When you need to find the best ideas for scouting, it can be helpful to have a list of synonyms to draw from. This list of 30 synonyms for scouting can help you come up with other words for scouting such as exploring, investigating, probing, venturing, researching, roving, surveying, inspecting, examining, reconnoitering, scouting around, prowling, cruising, snooping, reconnoitring, sizing up, ranging, rummaging, detecting, questing, foraging, sussing out, prospecting, rummaging around, snooping around, poking around and prospecting around. Having a list of synonyms for scouting can help you to expand your vocabulary and come up with the best ideas for your project.