Synonyms for Scholars:

1. Brainiacs
2. Intellects
3. Savants
4. Thinkers
5. Geniuses
6. Wiseacres
7. Erudites
8. Scholarships
9. Academics
10. Masters
11. Professors
12. Mentors
13. Teachers
14. Students
15. Researchers
16. Scientists
17. Pedagogues
18. Philosophers
19. Pedants
20. Lecturers
21. Connoisseurs
22. Connoisseuse
23. Experts
24. Savvies
25. Pedagogues
26. Doctors
27. Scholarships
28. Mentorships
29. Pedagoguery
30. Logicians

When it comes to finding the best ideas for alternative words for scholars, there are a variety of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for synonyms for the word ‘scholars’ or another way to say ‘scholars’, you can find a range of different words to describe them. From brainiacs and intellectuals to wiseacres and erudites, there are a number of synonyms for scholars that can be used to describe someone who is particularly knowledgeable or well-educated. Additionally, you can also use words such as academics, masters, professors, teachers, students, researchers, scientists, philosophers, lecturers, connoisseurs, experts, savvies, pedagogues, doctors, scholarships, and mentorships to describe someone who is a scholar. No matter which synonym for ‘scholar’ you choose, it’s important to remember that these words all describe someone who is highly educated and knowledgeable.