1. Affirms
2. Avers
3. Asserts
4. Declares
5. States
6. Proclaims
7. Confirms
8. Announces
9. Maintains
10. Predicts
11. Expresses
12. Pronounces
13. Articulates
14. Adverts
15. Utters
16. Insists
17. Alleges
18. Predicates
19. Predetermines
20. Asseverates
21. Avows
22. Vouches
23. Proposes
24. Postulates
25. Adduces
26. Enunciates
27. Speaks
28. Testifies
29. Acknowledges
30. Contends

Are you looking for synonyms for the word “says”? This list of 30 different words provides the best ideas and other words for “says”. Whether you’re looking for a more formal way to express yourself or a more creative way to express your thoughts, this list of synonyms for “says” can help you find the perfect word. From “affirms” and “avers” to “testifies” and “acknowledges”, this list has all the best words to use in place of “says”. No matter what you’re trying to say, you can find the perfect word to express yourself.