1. Putting away
2. Amassing
3. Hoarding
4. Stashing
5. Accumulating
6. Squirreling
7. Reserving
8. Caching
9. Gathering
10. Storing
11. Securing
12. Retaining
13. Setting aside
14. Stowing
15. Saving up
16. Putting aside
17. Collecting
18. Conserving
19. Shielding
20. Preserving
21. Guarding
22. Investing
23. Cushioning
24. Shielding
25. Socking away
26. Banking
27. Accruing
28. Hoarding
29. Squirrelling away
30. Accruing

Finding the best synonyms for the word ‘saving’ can be a challenge. It’s important to think of other words for ‘saving’ that can be used in place of the word itself. There are many different ideas for synonyms for ‘saving’, such as putting away, amassing, hoarding, stashing, accumulating, squirreling, reserving, caching, gathering, storing, securing, retaining, setting aside, stowing, saving up, putting aside, collecting, conserving, shielding, preserving, guarding, investing, cushioning, socking away, banking, and accruing. By using different words for ‘saving’, you can make your writing more interesting and varied.