1. Example
2. Specimen
3. Model
4. Instance
5. Exemplar
6. Prototype
7. Pattern
8. Representation
9. Mock-up
10. Replica
11. Paragon
12. Archetype
13. Standard
14. Quotation
15. Trial
16. Test
17. Preview
18. Copy
19. Template
20. Preview
21. Proof
22. Specification
23. Demonstration
24. Showcase
25. Experiment
26. Sample Size
27. Sample Population
28. Illustration
29. Sample Set
30. Sample Space

When looking for the best ideas to explore a concept, it is often helpful to look for synonyms for the word “sample”. This can provide a variety of other words for the same idea, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of the concept. For example, the words “example”, “specimen”, “model”, “instance”, “exemplar”, and “prototype” can all be used as synonyms for “sample”. Likewise, “pattern”, “representation”, “mock-up”, “replica”, and “paragon” can also be used as synonyms. Additionally, “standard”, “quotation”, “trial”, “test”, “preview”, “copy”, “template”, “proof”, “specification”, “demonstration”, “showcase”, “experiment”, “sample size”, “sample population”, “illustration”, “sample set”, and “sample space” can all be used as synonyms for “sample”. By exploring these different words, it is possible to gain a better understanding of the concept and the different ways it can be applied.