1. Brine
2. Sodium chloride
3. NaCl
4. Sea salt
5. Rock salt
6. Pickling salt
7. Kosher salt
8. Table salt
9. Halite
10. Condiment
11. Preservative
12. Flavoring
13. Mineral
14. Bitterness
15. Crystals
16. Saline
17. Halide
18. Granules
19. Seasoning
20. Salinity
21. Pungency
22. Dextrose
23. Glauber’s salt
24. Epsom salt
25. Baking soda
26. Bay salt
27. Fleur de sel
28. Solar salt
29. Black salt
30. Himalayan pink salt

Are you looking for synonyms for the word “salt”? Here are the best ideas to help you find other words for “salt”. From brine and sodium chloride to dextrose and glauber’s salt, there are many different terms that can be used to refer to this common seasoning. Whether you’re looking for a more technical term like halite or a more creative term like fleur de sel, this list of synonyms for “salt” provides you with plenty of options. Explore these synonyms to find the perfect alternative for your needs.