1. Droop
2. Bow
3. Slump
4. Hang
5. Descend
6. Dip
7. Bend
8. Sway
9. Yield
10. Weaken
11. Wilt
12. Subside
13. Sink
14. Decline
15. Sag
16. Waver
17. List
18. Recline
19. Droop
20. Swag
21. Swoon
22. Crouch
23. Flop
24. Languish
25. Slouch
26. Wilt
27. Recede
28. Wobble
29. Prostrate
30. Faint

When searching for a synonym for the word «sag», there are many ideas to consider. It is best to consider the context in which the word is being used, as different words may have different meanings depending on the sentence. Some of the best synonyms for «sag» include droop, bow, slump, hang, descend, dip, bend, sway, weaken, wilt, subside, sink, decline, waver, list, recline, swag, swoon, crouch, flop, languish, slouch, recede, wobble, prostrate, and faint. These words provide a variety of options for when a writer needs to find an alternative to «sag». Additionally, these words can be used to provide a more interesting and descriptive sentence to the reader.