1. Rest
2. Day of Rest
3. Day of Atonement
4. Day of Repose
5. Lord’s Day
6. Day of Reflection
7. Day of Worship
8. Holy Day
9. Day of Restitution
10. Day of Rejoicing
11. Day of Thanksgiving
12. Day of Dedication
13. Day of Obligation
14. Day of Fasting
15. Day of Preparation
16. Day of Abstinence
17. Day of Purity
18. Day of Sanctification
19. Day of Solemnity
20. Day of Supplication
21. Day of Contrition
22. Day of Meditation
23. Day of Silence
24. Day of Abnegation
25. Day of Abstinence
26. Day of Purification
27. Day of Reformation
28. Day of Renewal
29. Day of Respite
30. Day of Reverance

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