1. Rummage: Searching
2. Rummage: Digging
3. Rummage: Hunting
4. Rummage: Exploring
5. Rummage: Sorting
6. Rummage: Investigating
7. Rummage: Scrutinizing
8. Rummage: Examining
9. Rummage: Sifting
10. Rummage: Delving
11. Rummage: Poking
12. Rummage: Probing
13. Rummage: Rooting
14. Rummage: Scavenging
15. Rummage: Raking
16. Rummage: Ferreting
17. Rummage: Sorting through
18. Rummage: Going through
19. Rummage: Combing
20. Rummage: Delving into
21. Rummage: Perusing
22. Rummage: Surveying
23. Rummage: Investigating
24. Rummage: Riffling
25. Rummage: Ransacking
26. Rummage: Poring over
27. Rummage: Rummaging through
28. Rummage: Foraging
29. Rummage: Going over
30. Rummage: Perusing

Are you looking for other words for rummaging? Whether you’re looking for synonyms to use in your writing or just want to expand your vocabulary, this list of synonyms for rummaging is the best place to start. From searching and digging to exploring and sorting, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a more formal term or a more casual phrase, you can find the right word for rummaging here. With a wide range of options, you’re sure to find the perfect term to fit your needs.