1. Spirits
2. Liquor
3. Alcohol
4. Hard stuff
5. Intoxicant
6. Brew
7. Tipple
8. Grog
9. Booze
10. Hooch
11. Firewater
12. Juice
13. Rotgut
14. Brewskis
15. Hard drink
16. Demon rum
17. Demon drink
18. Demon water
19. Demon juice
20. Demon liquor
21. Demon alcohol
22. Demon brew
23. Demon tipple
24. Demon grog
25. Demon booze
26. Demon hooch
27. Demon firewater
28. Demon juice
29. Demon rotgut
30. Demon brewskis

Are you looking for other words for rum? Whether you’re a bartender crafting a unique cocktail or a writer looking for creative ways to describe the beverage, there are plenty of synonyms for rum that you can use. From “spirits” and “liquor” to more colorful terms such as “demon water” and “firewater”, there are plenty of ideas for you to explore. You can find an extensive list of the best synonyms for rum above, so take some time to find the perfect phrase for your needs.