1. Governed
2. Administered
3. Directed
4. Controlled
5. Managed
6. Regulated
7. Commanded
8. Guided
9. Decreed
10. Led
11. Operated
12. Ordered
13. Supervised
14. Headed
15. Restrained
16. Maintained
17. Superintended
18. Dictated
19. Enforced
20. Monitored
21. Imposed
22. Enacted
23. Overseen
24. Reigned
25. Reined
26. Impinged
27. Ruled Over
28. Governed Over
29. Steered
30. Presided Over

When looking for a synonym for the word “ruled”, there are many ideas to consider. It is best to think of words that are similar in meaning, such as “governed”, “administered”, “directed”, and “controlled”. Other words for “ruled” include “managed”, “regulated”, “commanded”, and “guided”. There are also words like “decreed”, “led”, “operated”, and “ordered” that can be used to express the same concept. Additionally, words like “supervised”, “headed”, “restrained”, and “maintained” can be used as synonyms for “ruled”. Superintended, dictated, enforced, and monitored are also good choices when searching for a synonym for “ruled”. Finally, words like “enacted”, “overseen”, “reigned”, “reined”, and “impinged” are all great alternatives to the word “ruled”. With all of these ideas in mind, it is easy to find the perfect synonym for the word “ruled”.