1. Mats
2. Carpets
3. Tapestries
4. Floor coverings
5. Coverlets
6. Blankets
7. Drape
8. Throw
9. Throws
10. Quilts
11. Bedspreads
12. Hearthrugs
13. Hearth rugs
14. Hearthrug
15. Hearth rug
16. Hearthmats
17. Hearth mats
18. Hearth mat
19. Hearth coverings
20. Hearth cover
21. Hearth blankets
22. Hearth drapery
23. Hearth throws
24. Hearth quilts
25. Hearth bedspreads
26. Doormats
27. Door mats
28. Door mat
29. Door rugs
30. Door coverings

When looking for the best ideas for other words for rugs, there are many options to choose from. Synonyms for rugs include mats, carpets, tapestries, floor coverings, coverlets, blankets, drapes, throws, quilts, and bedspreads. Hearthrugs, hearthmats, and doormats are also great alternatives to traditional rugs. Door mats and door coverings are great for entryways and hallways and can be used to make a statement in any space. Whether you are looking for a traditional rug or something more unique, there are plenty of synonyms for rugs to choose from.