1. Friction
2. Chafing
3. Abrasion
4. Scraping
5. Grinding
6. Buffing
7. Polishing
8. Smoothing
9. Scouring
10. Rubdown
11. Massaging
12. Brushing
13. Scrubbing
14. Filing
15. Sanding
16. Stroking
17. Wiping
18. Soothing
19. Stroking
20. Rubric
21. Kneading
22. Paring
23. Stroking
24. Pummeling
25. Smudging
26. Rubbing Off
27. Smoothing Out
28. Grating
29. Scuffing
30. Chafing

Searching for synonyms for the word “rubbing” can be a difficult task. But, with the right ideas, you can find the best options for your needs. Whether you are looking for other words for “rubbing” or simply the best synonyms, this list can help you find the right words. Here you will find 30 of the best ideas for synonyms for “rubbing”, including friction, chafing, abrasion, scraping, grinding, buffing, polishing, smoothing, scouring, rubdown, massaging, brushing, scrubbing, filing, sanding, stroking, wiping, soothing, kneading, paring, pummeling, smudging, rubbing off, smoothing out, grating, scuffing, and chafing. With these options, you can find the words that best suit your needs and make your writing more interesting.