1. Revolutions Per Minute
2. Rotations Per Minute
3. Circulations Per Minute
4. Cycles Per Minute
5. Rounds Per Minute
6. Spins Per Minute
7. Revs Per Minute
8. Revolutions Per Second
9. Rotations Per Second
10. Circulations Per Second
11. Cycles Per Second
12. Rounds Per Second
13. Spins Per Second
14. Revs Per Second
15. Revolutions Per Hour
16. Rotations Per Hour
17. Circulations Per Hour
18. Cycles Per Hour
19. Rounds Per Hour
20. Spins Per Hour
21. Revs Per Hour
22. Revolutions Per Day
23. Rotations Per Day
24. Circulations Per Day
25. Cycles Per Day
26. Rounds Per Day
27. Spins Per Day
28. Revs Per Day
29. Revolutions Per Week
30. Rotations Per Week

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