1. Stirred
2. Aroused
3. Invigorated
4. Provoked
5. Stimulated
6. Excited
7. Woke
8. Energized
9. Animated
10. Activated
11. Inspirited
12. Enlivened
13. Awakened
14. Rallied
15. Invoked
16. Revived
17. Kindled
18. Inflamed
19. Quickened
20. Exhorted
21. Revitalized
22. Sparked
23. Agitated
24. Intensified
25. Inspired
26. Roused to action
27. Incited
28. Prodded
29. Jumpstarted
30. Reawakened

Are you looking for other words for roused? If so, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms of roused. Stirred, aroused, invigorated, provoked, stimulated, excited, woke, energized, animated, activated, inspirited, enlivened, awakened, rallied, invoked, revived, kindled, inflamed, quickened, exhorted, revitalized, sparked, agitated, intensified, inspired, roused to action, incited, prodded, jumpstarted, and reawakened are all excellent synonyms for the word roused. These words all convey the same meaning of being roused, but can be used to give variety to your writing. Use these synonyms for roused to make your writing more interesting and engaging.