1. Decay
2. Deteriorate
3. Putrefy
4. Putresce
5. Fester
6. Spoil
7. Corrode
8. Mold
9. Mildew
10. Wither
11. Wilt
12. Fade
13. Shrivel
14. Waste
15. Desiccate
16. Moulder
17. Decompose
18. Break down
19. Disintegrate
20. Deter
21. Canker
22. Spoilage
23. Spoil
24. Damp
25. Moldering
26. Deterioration
27. Deteriorating
28. Dilapidation
29. Rancidity
30. Decadence

When trying to come up with the best ideas for other words to use instead of «rot», it can be difficult to think of alternatives. Fortunately, there are many synonyms that can be used to replace the word «rot» in order to make a sentence sound more interesting and varied. Synonyms for «rot» include decay, deteriorate, putrefy, putresce, fester, spoil, corrode, mold, mildew, wither, wilt, fade, shrivel, waste, desiccate, moulder, decompose, break down, disintegrate, deter, canker, spoilage, damp, moldering, deterioration, deteriorating, dilapidation, rancidity, and decadence. These words can help to make a sentence more descriptive and vivid, allowing the reader to better understand the meaning of the sentence.