1. Ancient City
2. Eternal City
3. Metropolis
4. Capitol
5. Imperial City
6. Urbs
7. City of Seven Hills
8. City of the Caesars
9. City of the Popes
10. City of the Tiber
11. City of the Vatican
12. Imperial Rome
13. La Citta Eterna
14. La Roma
15. Roma Caput Mundi
16. Roma Aeterna
17. Roma Urbs
18. Roma Urbs Sacra
19. Roma Urbs Aeterna
20. Roma Urbs Imperii
21. Roma Urbs Sacerdotium
22. Roma Urbs Sacra Aeterna
23. Roma Urbs Regia
24. Roma Urbs Sacra Regia
25. Roma Urbs Magna
26. Roma Urbs Sacra Magna
27. Roma Urbs Urbis
28. Roma Urbs Sacra Urbis
29. Roma Urbs Imperatoria
30. Roma Urbs Sacra Imperatoria

Looking for other words for Rome? Here are the best ideas! Rome is an ancient city, also known as the Eternal City, the Metropolis, the Capitol, the Imperial City, Urbs, the City of Seven Hills, the City of the Caesars, the City of the Popes, the City of the Tiber, the City of the Vatican, Imperial Rome, La Citta Eterna, La Roma, Roma Caput Mundi, Roma Aeterna, Roma Urbs, Roma Urbs Sacra, Roma Urbs Aeterna, Roma Urbs Imperii, Roma Urbs Sacerdotium, Roma Urbs Sacra Aeterna, Roma Urbs Regia, Roma Urbs Sacra Regia, Roma Urbs Magna, Roma Urbs Sacra Magna, Roma Urbs Urbis, Roma Urbs Sacra Urbis, Roma Urbs Imperatoria, and Roma Urbs Sacra Imperatoria. These synonyms all refer to the same beautiful city, and each provide a unique perspective on the rich culture and history of Rome.