1. Wheels
2. Casters
3. Coasters
4. Drums
5. Tires
6. Cylinders
7. Rollerskates
8. Rollabouts
9. Rollershoes
10. Skates
11. Flippers
12. Cogs
13. Spools
14. Pulleys
15. Gears
16. Wheelsets
17. Spinners
18. Spinners
19. Turners
20. Gliders
21. Sleekers
22. Whirlers
23. Rims
24. Rollabouts
25. Sliders
26. Rollersurfers
27. Rollerboots
28. Rollersurfs
29. Rollerbuggies
30. Rollerbikes

Finding the right synonyms for the word “rollers” can be a difficult task. Whether you’re looking for the best ideas or just another word for rollers, this list of 30 synonyms can help you find the perfect substitute. From wheels and casters to skates and glide, there’s a variety of words to choose from to help you express yourself more accurately. If you’re looking for a more creative way to use the word “rollers”, this list of synonyms can provide you with the perfect alternative. From rollerskates and rollershoes to rollersurfers and rollerbuggies, you can find the perfect synonym to fit your needs.