1. Caster
2. Spooler
3. Wheeler
4. Curler
5. Drifter
6. Floater
7. Glider
8. Skater
9. Slider
10. Slipper
11. Pivot
12. Rotator
13. Revolver
14. Revolving
15. Circular
16. Rolling
17. Rotary
18. Rotating
19. Revolutionizing
20. Gyro
21. Revolve
22. Spin
23. Turn
24. Swivel
25. Whirl
26. Gyration
27. Twirl
28. Pirouette
29. Orbit
30. Gyrate

Finding the best synonyms for the word “roller” can be difficult. However, with a few ideas, you can quickly come up with a list of words that have the same meaning. Synonyms for roller include caster, spooler, wheeler, curler, drifter, floater, glider, skater, and slider. Other words for roller include slipper, pivot, rotator, revolver, revolving, circular, rolling, rotary, rotating, revolutionizing, gyro, revolve, spin, turn, swivel, whirl, gyration, twirl, pirouette, orbit, and gyrate. Whether you are looking for a single word or a list of words, these synonyms for roller are some of the best ideas you can find.