1. Path
2. Way
3. Course
4. Thoroughfare
5. Lane
6. Boulevard
7. Highway
8. Street
9. Drive
10. Track
11. Trail
12. Passage
13. Byway
14. Alley
15. Avenue
16. Causeway
17. Route
18. Viaduct
19. Turnpike
20. Wayfare
21. Terrace
22. Wayfaring
23. Itinerary
24. Trek
25. Journey
26. Trekking
27. Expedition
28. Trekker
29. Passage
30. Trekking

When searching for alternative words for “road”, there are many ideas to consider. Synonyms for road can range from simple words like path and way, to more complex words like route and trek. Depending on the context, one may need to use a more specific word to accurately describe the situation. The best ideas for synonyms for road are those that accurately describe the type of road or the purpose of the road. For example, a turnpike is a road that requires a fee to travel on, a viaduct is a road that is built over a valley, and a byway is a road that is less travelled. With so many great ideas for synonyms for road, one can easily find the perfect word to fit their needs.