1. Band
2. Circle
3. Hoop
4. Loop
5. Link
6. Bangle
7. Annulet
8. Bandlet
9. Bracelet
10. Cordon
11. Fillet
12. Girdle
13. Ligature
14. Noose
15. Orbit
16. Round
17. Torque
18. Trinket
19. Circle
20. Coil
21. Encircle
22. Garland
23. Gird
24. Halo
25. Necklace
26. Ringlet
27. Spiral
28. Tire
29. Wreath
30. Wring

Searching for synonyms of the word «ring» can often be difficult, as there are so many different words that can be used to describe the same thing. To make your search easier, here are the best ideas for synonyms of the word «ring». From the more common words such as «band» and «circle» to the more obscure words such as «annulet» and «torque», this list of 30 words provides a comprehensive range of other words for «ring». Whether you are looking for a general word or a more specific phrase, this list of synonyms for «ring» will provide you with plenty of ideas to choose from.