1. Justly
2. Legitimately
3. Lawfully
4. Properly
5. Appropriately
6. Correctly
7. Decently
8. Reasonably
9. Morally
10. Honestly
11. Fairly
12. Legally
13. Permissibly
14. Suitably
15. Righteously
16. Virtuously
17. Ethically
18. Authentically
19. Validly
20. Credibly
21. Genuinely
22. Competently
23. Cautiously
24. Judiciously
25. Credibly
26. Respectably
27. Relevantly
28. Reasonable
29. Adequately
30. Prudently

When you need to find the right word to express an idea, it can be helpful to look for synonyms. Finding synonyms for the word «rightfully» is a great way to add variety and depth to your writing. Some of the best ideas for synonyms for «rightfully» include justly, legitimately, lawfully, properly, and appropriately. Other words for «rightfully» include correctly, decently, reasonably, morally, and honestly. Fairly, legally, permissibly, and suitably are also good ideas for synonyms for «rightfully.» Additionally, righteously, virtuously, ethically, authentically, validly, and genuinely are excellent synonyms for «rightfully.» Finally, competently, cautiously, judiciously, credibly, respectably, relevantly, reasonably, adequately, and prudently are all great synonyms for «rightfully.»