1. Wealth
2. Fortune
3. Opulence
4. Abundance
5. Luxury
6. Resources
7. Assets
8. Means
9. Affluence
10. Plentitude
11. Capital
12. Endowment
13. Substantiality
14. Valuables
15. Estates
16. Affluency
17. Abundancy
18. Plenteousness
19. Richesse
20. Treasure
21. Plentifulness
22. Substance
23. Possessions
24. Holdings
25. Revenues
26. Prevalence
27. Profusion
28. Hoard
29. Portfolio
30. Acreage

Finding synonyms for the word “riches” can be a great way to add variety to your writing. When you’re looking for the best ideas for synonyms for “riches”, there are a variety of different words you can use. For example, you can use words like “wealth”, “fortune”, “opulence”, “abundance”, and “luxury”. Additionally, you can use words like “resources”, “assets”, “means”, “affluence”, and “plentitude”. Other words you can use to describe “riches” include “capital”, “endowment”, “substantiality”, “valuables”, and “estates”. If you’re looking for other words for “riches”, you can use words like “affluency”, “abundancy”, “plenteousness”, “richesse”, and “treasure”. Finally, you can use words like “plentifulness”, “substance”, “possessions”, “holdings”, “revenues”, “prevalence”, “profusion”, “hoard”, “portfolio”, and “acreage”. With so many different synonyms for “riches”, you’ll be sure to find the perfect word to fit your writing needs.