1. Pleura
2. Costal
3. Bone
4. Chine
5. Backbone
6. Thoracic
7. Skeletal
8. Spinal
9. Vertebra
10. Thorax
11. Vertebral
12. Side
13. Skeleton
14. Ribs
15. Lumbar
16. Vertebrae
17. Costae
18. Thoracic Cage
19. Thoracic Wall
20. Sternum
21. Vertebral Column
22. Vertebral Process
23. Sternal
24. Thoracic Vertebrae
25. Rib Cage
26. Vertebral Arch
27. Costal Cartilage
28. Rib Cartilage
29. Costal Margin
30. Costal Arch

Finding synonyms for the word “rib” can be a challenge. Whether you’re writing a poem, essay, or research paper, having access to a variety of words can be extremely helpful. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of 30 synonyms for “rib” that you can use in your writing. From pleura and costal to thoracic vertebrae and rib cartilage, this list provides the best ideas for finding other words for “rib”. With this comprehensive list, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect synonym for your project.