1. Amended
2. Corrected
3. Updated
4. Altered
5. Overhauled
6. Improved
7. Redone
8. Recalibrated
9. Re-examined
10. Re-evaluated
11. Reformed
12. Reorganized
13. Re-structured
14. Re-thought
15. Refined
16. Rejuvenated
17. Renewed
18. Replaced
19. Reshaped
20. Restructured
21. Retouched
22. Reversed
23. Revamped
24. Revitalized
25. Reworked
26. Revised
27. Revivified
28. Re-worded
29. Substituted
30. Tweaked

Searching for the best ideas to revise something can be a challenge. There are many synonyms that can be used to express the idea of revising something. Words such as amended, corrected, updated, altered, overhauled, improved, redone, recalibrated, re-examined, re-evaluated, reformed, reorganized, re-structured, re-thought, refined, rejuvenated, renewed, replaced, reshaped, restructured, retouched, reversed, revampled, revitalized, reworked, revised, revivified, re-worded, substituted, and tweaked are all words that can be used to express the concept of revising something. These words can be used to describe the changes that one might make to a document, project, or idea. Additionally, these words can be used to indicate the process of revising something to make it more efficient, effective, or successful. With these words in mind, one can easily find the best ideas for revising something.