1. U-turns
2. Retrogress
3. Recedes
4. Reverts
5. Reclines
6. Relapses
7. Abates
8. Reversals
9. Reverts
10. Retreats
11. Rejects
12. Rescinds
13. Rejects
14. Repercussions
15. Rescissions
16. Retaliates
17. Reversals
18. Repudiates
19. Rescinds
20. Reiterates
21. Retrogresses
22. Resiles
23. Rescinds
24. Rejects
25. Reverses
26. Rejects
27. Reversals
28. Repercussions
29. Reverses
30. Reversals

Finding alternative words for «REVERSES» can be a challenge. Whether you are looking for synonyms to use in your writing or simply to expand your vocabulary, there are a few ideas that can help. One of the best ways to find synonyms for «REVERSES» is to look up the definition of the word and then look at related words. For example, words like “u-turns”, “retrogress”, “recedes”, “reverts”, “reclines”, “relapses”, “abates”, “reversals”, “reverts”, “retreats”, “rejects”, “rescinds”, “rejects”, “repercussions”, “rescissions”, “retaliates”, “reversals”, “repudiates”, “rescinds”, “reiterates”, “retrogresses”, “resiles”, “rescinds”, “rejects”, “reverses”, “rejects”, “reversals”, “repercussions”, and “reverses” all share similar meanings to “REVERSES”. Additionally, exploring thesaurus websites online can be a great way to quickly find synonyms for “REVERSES”. With a few simple clicks, you can find the best ideas for synonyms that you can use in your writing or conversations.