1. Reverting
2. Re-emerging
3. Re-entering
4. Re-appearing
5. Re-visiting
6. Re-accessing
7. Re-engaging
8. Re-initiating
9. Re-establishing
10. Re-awakening
11. Re-entering
12. Re-opening
13. Re-commencing
14. Re-instating
15. Re-gaining
16. Re-activating
17. Re-assembling
18. Re-occupying
19. Re-instituting
20. Re-assuming
21. Re-surfacing
22. Re-installing
23. Re-engaging
24. Re-instating
25. Re-emerging
26. Re-accessing
27. Reciprocating
28. Reverting
29. Re-acquiring
30. Re-occurring

When it comes to finding synonyms for the word “returning”, there are many great options to choose from. From “reverting” to “reciprocating”, there are plenty of other words to consider when searching for the best ideas. Whether you are looking for synonyms for “returning”, another word for “returning”, or other words for “returning”, you can find some great options on this list. Here, you will find some of the best ideas for synonyms of “returning” such as “re-emerging”, “re-entering”, “re-appearing”, “re-visiting”, “re-accessing”, and “re-engaging”. With all these great alternatives, it will be easy to find the perfect synonym for “returning”.