1. Redo
2. Re-film
3. Re-shoot
4. Re-record
5. Re-enact
6. Re-capture
7. Re-do
8. Re-execute
9. Re-stage
10. Re-run
11. Re-try
12. Re-attempt
13. Re-take a shot at
14. Re-capture the scene
15. Re-envision
16. Re-imagine
17. Re-produce
18. Re-make
19. Re-start
20. Re-visit
21. Re-film the scene
22. Re-capture the moment
23. Re-enact the scene
24. Re-do the task
25. Re-try the assignment
26. Re-attempt the challenge
27. Re-take the exam
28. Re-make the movie
29. Re-start the project
30. Re-visit the idea

Are you looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word “RETAKE”? There are many other words for “RETAKE” that can be used in different contexts. Some of these synonyms include redo, re-film, re-shoot, re-record, re-enact, re-capture, re-do, re-execute, re-stage, re-run, re-try, re-attempt, re-take a shot at, re-capture the scene, re-envision, re-imagine, re-produce, re-make, re-start, re-visit, re-film the scene, re-capture the moment, re-enact the scene, re-do the task, re-try the assignment, re-attempt the challenge, re-take the exam, re-make the movie, re-start the project, and re-visit the idea. Each of these synonyms for “RETAKE” can be used in various ways to express the same concept. With so many options, you can find the perfect synonym that best fits your context.