1. Confining
2. Narrowing
3. Rigid
4. Limited
5. Prohibitive
6. Constraining
7. Binding
8. Strict
9. Imperative
10. Regulating
11. Oppressive
12. Controlling
13. Close
14. Severe
15. Draconian
16. Censoring
17. Confining
18. Tightening
19. Prescribing
20. Restricting
21. Imposing
22. Stifling
23. Proscribing
24. Constraining
25. Repressing
26. Choking
27. Constraining
28. Hampering
29. Suppressing
30. Abating

When searching for alternative words for the term ‘restrictive’, one of the best ideas is to look for synonyms that accurately describe the same concept. Synonyms are words or phrases that have the same or similar meanings as another word. Synonyms for restrictive include confining, narrowing, rigid, limited, prohibitive, constraining, binding, strict, imperative, regulating, oppressive, controlling, close, severe, draconian, censoring, tightening, prescribing, restricting, imposing, stifling, proscribing, repressing, choking, hampering, suppressing, and abating. All of these words accurately describe the concept of being restrictive and can be used interchangeably in a sentence. By using synonyms for restrictive, it can help to create a unique and interesting sentence structure that will draw in readers.