1. Repose
2. Respite
3. Recess
4. Reprieve
5. Relaxation
6. Slumber
7. Cessation
8. Intermission
9. Rejuvenation
10. Respite
11. Resignation
12. Recline
13. Respite
14. Repose
15. Quietude
16. Respite
17. Siesta
18. Respite
19. Repose
20. Respite
21. Recharge
22. Respite
23. Respite
24. Respite
25. Repose
26. Respite
27. Rejuvenation
28. Respite
29. Repose
30. Respite

When looking for a way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding the best synonyms for rest can be an important part of the process. Whether you’re looking for words to describe a relaxing vacation or need a variety of words to describe a restful night’s sleep, there are plenty of synonyms for rest that can help you express what you’re looking for. From repose to rejuvenation, respite to relaxation, and siesta to quietude, there are many synonyms for rest that can help you find the perfect word to describe the restful moment you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for another word for rest or the best ideas for how to relax, there are plenty of synonyms that can help you get the rest and relaxation you need.