1. Abides
2. Dwells
3. Inhabits
4. Lodges
5. Occupies
6. Put up
7. Rest
8. Settles
9. Stays
10. Subsists
11. Sustains
12. Bides
13. Boards
14. Camps
15. Cohabits
16. Endures
17. Hangs out
18. Harbors
19. Haunts
20. Resettles
21. Resides in
22. Rests in
23. Squats
24. Subsides
25. Tarries
26. Upholds
27. Abides in
28. Coexists
29. Hangs around
30. Occupies space

Finding the right word to use can be difficult, but luckily there are many synonyms for the word «resides». Whether you are looking for the best, most creative ideas or just other words for «resides», this list has a variety of options for you to choose from. Abides, dwells, inhabits, lodges, occupies, put up, rest, settles, stays, subsists, and sustains are all synonyms for «resides» that can help you find the perfect word for your writing. Additionally, bides, boards, camps, cohabits, endures, hangs out, harbors, haunts, resettles, resides in, rests in, squats, subsides, tarries, upholds, abides in, coexists, hangs around, and occupies space are all other words for «resides» that can help you express your ideas clearly and accurately.