1. Saved
2. Delivered
3. Liberated
4. Redeemed
5. Preserved
6. Freed
7. Rescued
8. Reprieved
9. Delivered
10. Delivered from danger
11. Brought to safety
12. Relieved
13. Extricated
14. Preserved
15. Redeemed
16. Repatriated
17. Retrieved
18. Sheltered
19. Snatched
20. Spared
21. Protected
22. Saved from danger
23. Delivered from peril
24. Freed from danger
25. Rescued from peril
26. Rescued from danger
27. Relieved from danger
28. Relieved from peril
29. Extricated from danger
30. Extricated from peril

Are you looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word ‘rescued’? There are a variety of words you can use to express the same meaning. Some of the most common synonyms for ‘rescued’ include saved, delivered, liberated, redeemed, preserved, freed, reprieved, delivered from danger, brought to safety, relieved, extricated, retrieved, sheltered, snatched, spared, and protected. Other words for ‘rescued’ include saved from danger, delivered from peril, freed from danger, rescued from peril, rescued from danger, relieved from danger, relieved from peril, extricated from danger, and extricated from peril. With so many other words for ‘rescued’, you can easily find the perfect phrase to express the meaning you’re looking for.