1. Narrative
2. Chronicle
3. Account
4. Analysis
5. Story
6. Description
7. Relation
8. Disclosure
9. Narrate
10. Declaration
11. Annunciation
12. Narrating
13. Narrative
14. Recital
15. Statement
16. Recounting
17. Record
18. Recital
19. Narrated
20. Narrative
21. Narrating
22. Description
23. History
24. Narrative
25. Annunciation
26. Narrating
27. Narrative
28. Recital
29. Statement
30. Recounting

Finding the right synonyms for the word REPORT can be a challenge. Whether you’re writing a report for work or school, it’s important to find the best words to accurately describe what you’re trying to say. Here are some of the best ideas and synonyms for REPORT: narrative, chronicle, account, analysis, story, description, relation, disclosure, narrate, declaration, annunciation, narrating, narrative, recital, statement, recounting, record, recital, narrated, narrative, narrating, description, history, narrative, annunciation, narrating, narrative, recital, statement, recounting. With these words, you can create a clear and concise report that will get your message across.