1. Fix
2. Mend
3. Rectify
4. Overhaul
5. Amend
6. Recondition
7. Rebuild
8. Rehabilitate
9. Renew
10. Revamp
11. Rejuvenate
12. Restore
13. Service
14. Rectify
15. Adjustment
16. Improvement
17. Upkeep
18. Remedy
19. Alteration
20. Correction
21. Remodeling
22. Refurbishment
23. Overhauling
24. Modernization
25. Reformation
26. Renovation
27. Reconstruction
28. Reestablish
29. Redo
30. Redress

When it comes to finding the best ideas for repairs, it is important to know the various synonyms for the word. Some common synonyms for the word “repairs” include fix, mend, rectify, overhaul, amend, recondition, rebuild, rehabilitate, renew, revamp, rejuvenate, restore, service, rectify, adjustment, improvement, upkeep, remedy, alteration, correction, remodeling, refurbishment, overhauling, modernization, reformation, renovation, reconstruction, reestablish, redo, and redress. Knowing the various synonyms for the word “repairs” can help you to find the best solution for your repair needs. Whether you need to fix a broken appliance or remodel a room, having a list of synonyms for the word “repairs” can help you to find the best ideas for your particular repair needs.