1. Fixed
2. Restored
3. Mended
4. Rectified
5. Ameliorated
6. Rebuilt
7. Renewed
8. Overhauled
9. Corrected
10. Repaired
11. Reinstated
12. Refurbished
13. Reestablished
14. Reconditioned
15. Rejuvenated
16. Rehabilitated
17. Reassembled
18. Reorganized
19. Redressed
20. Reinforced
21. Reinvigorated
22. Rekindled
23. Reunited
24. Repatriated
25. Replaced
26. Reunited
27. Revamped
28. Revitalized
29. Reinvigorated
30. Revived

If you’re looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «repaired», you’ve come to the right place. There are many different words that can be used in place of «repaired» to express the same meaning, including «fixed», «restored», «mended», «rectified», «ameliorated», «rebuilt», and «renewed». Other words for «repaired» include «overhauled», «corrected», «reinstated», «refurbished», «reestablished», and «reconditioned». You can also use words such as «rejuvenated», «rehabilitated», «reassembled», «reorganized», «redressed», «reinforced», «reinvigorated», «rekindled», «reunited», «repatriated», «replaced», «revamped», «revitalized», and «revived». With so many different options, you’ll be sure to find the best synonym for «repaired» to fit your needs.