1. Rearranged
2. Restructured
3. Reallocated
4. Rearranged
5. Reclassified
6. Reordered
7. Reshuffled
8. Reapportioned
9. Reassigned
10. Reoriented
11. Reformed
12. Rearranged
13. Reestablished
14. Recast
15. Re-established
16. Re-formed
17. Re-grouped
18. Re-arranged
19. Re-structured
20. Re-allocated
21. Re-classified
22. Re-ordered
23. Re-shuffled
24. Re-apportioned
25. Re-assigned
26. Re-oriented
27. Re-cast
28. Restyled
29. Redesigned
30. Re-styled

When it comes to finding the best ideas for reorganizing your business, there are many synonyms that can be used to describe the process. Some of the most popular words for reorganizing include rearranged, restructured, reallocated, reclassified, reordered, reshuffled, reapportioned, reassigned, reoriented, reformed, reestablished, recast, re-formed, re-grouped, re-arranged, re-structured, re-allocated, re-classified, re-ordered, re-shuffled, re-apportioned, re-assigned, re-oriented, re-cast, restyled, redesigned, and re-styled. Each of these words can be used to describe the process of reorganizing your business in a different way, making it easier to understand the process and find the best ideas for your business.