1. Recollecting
2. Relearning
3. Retaining
4. Memorizing
5. Noting
6. Saving
7. Keeping
8. Recording
9. Mindful
10. Heedful
11. Aware
12. Alert
13. Noticing
14. Bearing in mind
15. Making a note
16. Taking into account
17. Recalling
18. Retrieving
19. Holding onto
20. Reminiscence
21. Retentive
22. Cognizant
23. Observant
24. Reflecting
25. Engraving
26. Marking
27. Perceiving
28. Retaining
29. Jogging one’s memory
30. Remembering fondly

Finding synonyms for the word “remembering” can be a challenge, but it is important to have a variety of words to choose from when writing. Having a list of words to use in place of the word “remembering” can help to make writing more interesting and engaging. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms to use when writing about remembering. Recollecting, relearning, retaining, memorizing, noting, saving, keeping, recording, mindful, heedful, aware, alert, noticing, bearing in mind, making a note, taking into account, recalling, retrieving, holding onto, reminiscence, retentive, cognizant, observant, reflecting, engraving, marking, perceiving, retaining, jogging one’s memory, and remembering fondly are all excellent choices when looking for other words for remembering. Having a variety of words to choose from when writing can help to make your work more interesting and engaging for readers.