1. Faith
2. Creed
3. Doctrine
4. Cult
5. Denomination
6. Sect
7. Church
8. Congregation
9. Worship
10. Belief
11. Theology
12. Scripture
13. Traditions
14. Rituals
15. Dogma
16. Canon
17. Gospel
18. Precepts
19. Practice
20. Discipline
21. Catechism
22. Reasoning
23. Conviction
24. Philosophy
25. Superstition
26. Ideology
27. Tenets
28. Sermon
29. Observance
30. Teaching

Are you looking for synonyms for the word “religion”? You have come to the right place! Here, you will find the best ideas and other words for religion. Whether you are looking for a more general term or a specific alternative, this list has you covered. From faith and creed to dogma and philosophy, there are plenty of synonyms for religion to choose from. Whether you are seeking to expand your vocabulary or just need another word for religion, this list of synonyms is sure to provide you with the perfect alternative.