Synonyms for Relative:
1. Kin
2. Affinity
3. Connected
4. Loved One
5. Kinsman
6. Kinswoman
7. Kith
8. Bloodline
9. Consanguine
10. Cousin
11. Family Member
12. Kindred
13. Lineage
14. Lineal
15. Relative By Blood
16. Relative By Marriage
17. Sib
18. Sibling
19. Stock
20. Cousin-german
21. Kinsfolk
22. Collateral
23. Connection
24. Affiliated
25. Linked
26. Allied
27. Agnate
28. Near
29. Close
30. Akin

Finding the right synonyms for the word “relative” can be a challenge. Whether you are writing a research paper, a novel, or an essay, having the best ideas and words to describe your topic is essential. Luckily, there are plenty of synonyms for relative that can help you express your ideas in a more creative way. From kin and affinity to connected and loved one, there are many words that can be used to describe the concept of relative. If you are looking for other words for relative, you can also try using words like kinsman, kinswoman, kith, bloodline, consanguine, cousin, and family member. Additionally, other words that can be used include kindred, lineage, lineal, relative by blood, relative by marriage, sib, sibling, stock, cousin-german, kinsfolk, collateral, connection, affiliated, linked, allied, agnate, near, close, and akin. With all these ideas, you can be sure to find the perfect synonym for relative to fit your writing needs.