1. Prevailing
2. Predominant
3. Controlling
4. Dominant
5. Prevalent
6. Ruling
7. Ascendant
8. Hegemonic
9. Imperious
10. In Command
11. In Control
12. In Power
13. In the Ascendancy
14. In the Driver’s Seat
15. In the Lead
16. Overruling
17. Paramount
18. Predominating
19. Preeminent
20. Prepotent
21. Regnant
22. Sovereign
23. Supreme
24. Uppermost
25. Victorious
26. Commanding
27. Masterful
28. Predominant
29. Preeminent
30. Paramount

When looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «REIGNING», there are a number of options available. From words like prevailing, predominant, controlling, and dominant, to words like ruling, ascendent, hegemonic, and imperious, there are a variety of words that can be used to describe the concept of reigning. Other words for reigning could include in command, in control, in power, in the ascendancy, in the driver’s seat, and in the lead. Overruling, paramount, predominating, preeminent, prepotent, regnant, sovereign, supreme, uppermost, and victorious are also great synonyms for reigning. No matter the context, these synonyms are sure to provide the perfect word to express the concept of reigning.